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Justin Arenstein

Code for Africa (CfA) // African Digital Democracy Observatory (ADDO)
Founder / CEO
JUSTIN ARENSTEIN is founder / CEO of Africa's largest federation of civic technology and open data laboratories, Code for Africa (CfA).
He is also co-director of the continent's largest forensic technology / digital security lab for investigative watchdogs, at the African Network of Centres for Investigative Reporting (ANCIR), runs the continent's largest prototype fund for digital democracy experimentation, the $1m/yr innovateAFRICA.fund, and is cofounder of the world's largest investigative leaks database and forensic help-desk, with 116m records from 201 leaks, at the InvestigativeDashboard.org.
An international award-winning investigative journalist and digital strategist, Arenstein's reportage has reportage sparked changes to national legislation on everything from land reform to citizen militia, and put a South African national senator, a Speaker of Legislature and a provincial cabinet minister behind bars. His reportage has also contributed to the ouster of two provincial premiers and a number of other cabinet ministers and senior state officials on charges ranging from child rape and fraud, to corruption. One transnational investigation involving money laundering and a multi-billion dollar land deal by corrupt State officials and rogue intelligence agents prompted Interpol arrests in the U.S.A, Kenya, and Switzerland.
Arenstein serves on various think-tanks, including on the World Bank's Disclosure to Development (D2D) advisory council into using data for improved accountability in the global extractives sector. He is also currently a Governing Board director of the global Code for All (CfAll) federation, and is co-chair of the Summit for Democracy’s Cohort for Information Resilience’s working group on disinformation.