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Lawrence Marzouk

Investigative Editor
United Kingdom

Lawrence Marzouk leads cross-border teams of journalists, deploying huge volumes of Freedom of Information requests, scraping and old fashioned reporting tricks to delve into high-level corruption.

In the past 18 months, he has focussed his attention on uncovering and tracking the unprecedented flow of weapons from the Balkans to the Middle East as wars rage in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Thanks to flight and ship tracking data, social media postings, undercover footage and lots of leaked documents, his team has uncovered two distinct multi-billion-dollar weapons pipelines, exposed the misleading documents on which they rely, and revealed the controversial dealers at its heart of the trade and the governments that are war profiteering.

One of the stories in the series is shortlisted for a Global Shining Light award at this year’s conference.

Twitter: @lawrencemarzouk