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Luis Nhachote

Centro de Jornalismo investigativo
Executive Coordinator
Luis Nhachote is an award-winning investigative journalist, editor and researcher, specialising in organized crime and the extractive industries.
Formerly a consultant for Chatham House (UK), Center for Public Integrity (Mozambique) and Executive Director of the Center for Mozambican and International Studies (CEMO), Nhachote has also worked as a senior investigator for the country’s leading publications including Savana, Canal de Moçambique, Zambeze @Verdade, Confidencial and 1 mãomz.com. He collaborates in some international media such as Mail & Guardian, (where he completed an internship), The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Africa Magazine and All Jazeera. He's current Mozambique chief correspondent for the Continent a weekly newspaper produced in partnership with the Mail & Guardian.
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