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Margaret Renn has worked as a journalist for over 40 years, in print, television and radio. She worked at the Daily Mirror with the investigative journalist Paul Foot, and then at the BBC on its flagship Rough Justice programme, investigating miscarriages of justice. She also produced and directed the TV series Trial by Jury. Her radio credits include
investigations into the Lockerbie bombing, corruption, human trafficking and the sale of body parts.  
From2009 until 2015 she was the Taco Kuiper Visiting Fellow in Investigative Journalism at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa and ran the African Investigative Journalism Conference (Power Reporting).  
She co-wrote Thatcher’s Reign: A Bad Case of the Blues (London, 1984) and co-edited Troublemakers: The Best of South African Investigative Journalism (Johannesburg, 2011).

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