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Paul Myers

Research Specialist

Paul Myers has been working at the sharp edge of online research for nearly twenty years. He has been training his fellow journalists since the turn of the century. He first used the Internet at school, in 1978. He became a news information researcher, for the BBC, in 1995, and eventually became a trainer and consultant for the corporation's training division, in 1999. Blending his previous career as a computer programmer with the world of journalism, Paul pioneered many of the online research techniques that are now commonplace in the media. He is always developing new investigation strategies to cope with the changing digital landscape. Paul continues to work closely with current affairs, news and consumer programmes, regularly joining investigations and lending his support. Outside of his work with the BBC, Paul has helped investigators at the UNDP, World Bank, the Guardian, CNN and many other investigative teams. He runs the researchclinic.net website and combines his time with training, consultancy, photography and web design.