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Sarah Findlay

Media Monitoring Africa
Programme Co-ordinator
South Africa

Sarah is an ecologist by training but her work has always focused on the intersection of social justice and environmental sustainability. She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees through Wits University where her Masters research examined the roles of local traditional and democratic leaders in regulating firewood harvesting in rural communities in South Africa. Before joining Media Monitoring Africa (MMA), she worked for SA National Biodiversity Institute at Kirstenbosch as well as consulted for a multi-year project based near Kruger National Park where she provided research support into land claims on protected conservation areas in the region. She is now a Programme Coordinator (Researcher) in MMA’s Policy Unit and has loved sinking her teeth into this new field of media research and analysis. Sarah is also an unashamed data nerd, a fiery afro-optimist and occasional jogger with a distinct partiality towards a glass (or two) of wine.